Fresh Film!

My order from The Film Photography Project arrived! I ordered five rolls of Kodak TMax 100 and five rolls of Kodak Ektar 100 to put through my Olympus XA2 and Canon AE-1 Program. Florida is insanely sunny during the summer, so I wanted to take advantage of that light and play around with some low ISO film.


Why TMax and Ektar? Short answer, I like the way they look! The low grain and contrast of TMax has fits a style I tend to find more attractive in black and white photography, while the colors in Ektar represent my idealized Floridian color pallette perfectly. I’ve used Ektar in the past (before I really knew anything about film or film photography) and the colors are simply stunning for beachy sunsets and twilight! My plan for these rolls is to send a few away to the Darkroom for processing and develop some at home while documenting the process! I look forward to posting the results!


Author: analoghobbyist

Amateur photographer based in Tampa, FL.

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